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Hampshire Hair & Make-Up

A beautiful look for your special occasion

Your Trial

Having a trial well in advance is a good idea as you may need to grow your hair longer for your desired style.

I recommend that you have a hair and

make-up trial at least 2-6 weeks prior to your wedding. This will last approximately 2-4 hours and consist of discussing, in detail, the look you 

envisage for yourself on your wedding day. Together we can look at any pictures from magazines/books that have given you inspiration and I can bring my own creative ideas should they be required.

It is important you feel like yourself on your wedding day but we can also experiment with a different look or colour if you are unsure. I will apply the make-up in stages so adjustments can be made as we go, making notes on a face chart to keep as a reference until the big day. I will create the hairstyle of your choice – this may include a couple of styles to see which you prefer or suits you best. If desired we can include the use of a hair piece(s) to add that extra length and body required to achieve the style. If you want something a bit different from what you see in the bridal magazines just ask, I can be very creative!

Hair Checklist

  • Hair should be clean and dry for your wedding trial.
  • Unless you are having a blow-dry, never shampoo or condition your hair on the day. Instead, wash it the night before but apply no products, such as gel, hairspray etc in the hair before drying. Please do not use straighteners or tongs before a trial unless previously discussed.
  • Please have a picture of your wedding dress at the trial and if possible bring along your wedding veil/hair accessories and jewellery.
  • At the end of the trial I will take a few pictures for you to see how your hair and make-up will look in photographs.
  • On the day of the wedding make sure the bridal party wear button or zip up clothes/tops – no tops that have to be pulled over your head!

Special Occasions (excluding Weddings)

A trial may be needed if you would like a vintage/specialist hairstyle for that special occasion. I recommend you collect together a few images as a reference for the look you would like.